Study Study!

I hope everyone is having a good break so far but don’t forget to study for regionals! Regionals is January 3rd its approaching quickly. Practice using the materials located on the goole drive, The practice test are the most helpful questions do repeat! Don’t forget to stay calm and read each question slowly. Practice pacing […]

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Color Run

Thank you everyone who helped and participated in our school color run yesterday! This Exciting program helped us raise awareness for healthy living, and allowed us to raise funds for Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Hope everyone had fun!

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Business Olympics

Congratulations to everyone who participated in Business olympics everyone did great! Also a Bigger congratulations to the top 8 teams and honorable mention! Thank you to everyone who made the 23rd Annual Business Olympics happen. Smithtown High school East DECA can’t wait till next years!

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Don’t Miss Out

Upcoming Fundraisers you would hate to miss! Come down to ralph’s italian ices on Tuesday, October 10th. Take place in our Smithtown High School East DECA color run “Running With the Bulls”  Watch our Crossovers Against Cancer @ 6pm on November 3rd (All proceeds benefit Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center)

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